• Transcript Request


    Wentzville School District allows two different options for ordering your transcript: electronic and mail.


    We use a third party service called PARCHMENT.COM that sends your official transcript electronically, securely, and confidentially to the college or university you designate. Colleges and universities will be able to download your transcript quickly.  

    Students will need to register through PARCHMENT.COM.

    Register for Parchment - Timberland


    Free – Unofficial Transcript
    $3.50 Transcript Fee
    $2.00 Paper Handling Fee (USPS Destinations)

    Overnight & International Delivery available as well, pricing is customized by destination/delivery speed. 

    Current seniors may also have their transcript sent electronically through Common Application, Sendedu, or Scoir.  There is not cost for these methods.


    Timberland Transcript Request Form

    There is no cost to fill out the transcript request form and submit to the Registrar. Please fill out one form per college. Parent or guardian must sign, (typed signatures are not accepted) unless student is over 18.

    Here are some items to remember:

    • Official transcripts are mailed directly to your university in a sealed envelope.
    • Please be mindful of your deadlines. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing by the Registrar. Please also allow 7 to 10 days for mailing to your university or college. Each college then also has processing time on their end, as well.
    • Self/personal transcript requests will receive an unofficial copy. The difference is it is not signed, stamped, or sealed. The academic information is the same. Most colleges will not accept unofficial copies. College and universities prefer officials directly from the high school.
    • Please do not fill in an e-mail address on the form unless your college has expressly stated that they will accept your transcript via e-mail. Most colleges do not accept officials via e-mail.
    • If you have extra documentation or a paper application, you may paperclip it to your transcript request form and turn it in to the Registrar and your documentation and transcript will all be mailed together for less processing time at the college.
    • If you have completed a Common Application or sendEdu, it is not necessary to complete an additional request form. Those act as your request form.  Please list Stacey Nielsen as your counselor to have your transcript and other required documents sent.
    • For current seniors- you may request your transcript through scoir.com.  Go to your scoir account, fill out the release, and list your school under the "applied" category.  Your transcript will then be sent.  See Mrs. Nielsen if you have questions about scoir.com.