After School Tutoring Schedule 2018-19


    Tutoring Hours: 2:25-3:25 (see schedule for location)

    You are to remain under the supervision of the teachers conducting the tutoring until you are ready to leave the building. There are to be no unsupervised students in the building at any time.

    NOTE: If you are riding home on the Activity Bus, you must remain with the teacher until 3:25. To ride the activity bus home, you must sign up before 12:30pm in the main office at Mrs. Swofford’s desk.








     Ms. Granicke-Rm. 113  

    Ms. Cole-Rm. 187

    Comm. Arts


    Mrs. Hoffmann-Rm. 204


    Mrs. Hoffmann-Rm. 204



    Mrs. Petersmeyer-Rm. 119


    Mrs. Petersmeyer-Rm. 119

    Social Studies

     Mr. Petersmeyer- Rm. 183



    Mr. Petersmeyer-Rm. 183


       Ms. Wing-Rm. 214  

    Ms. Wing-Rm. 214

    World Language

         Mrs. Webber-Rm. 263 Spanish

    Mrs. Whitehead-Rm.  275 German 
    Ms. Torres-Rm. 160 Spanish

    Industrial Tech


    Mr. Brown-Rm. 103




     Mrs. Timpe-Rm. 157

    Mrs. Timpe-Rm. 157

    Test Proctoring*

    Ms. Cole-Library

    Ms. Cole-Library


    Ms. Boden-Library

    ESOL Tutoring: Monday thru Thursday with Mrs. Finley Rm. 224
    Business & FACS: Please contact the specific teacher you need help from in order to set up personal tutoring.
    Test Proctoring also on Late Start Mondays from 7:30-9am in the Library