Inclement Weather / School Closing

  • Timely communication with our District families is always a priority, but especially important in emergency school closing situations. The decision to cancel school is made for the entire District. There may be times when the conditions in some parts of the District may be deemed unsafe while conditions in another part of the District may not be as bad. The decision to cancel school is made for the entire District, and not for a specific area. 

    Timing of Notification
    The District makes every attempt to reach a decision regarding the closing of school by 5 a.m. However, there may be times when the weather conditions change rapidly in the early morning hours, and the decision could be delayed. While the District strives to make the best decision for all students, there may be times when a parent needs to make the final determination about their child’s attendance on a particular day. 

    Early Dismissal
    The District may dismiss early when winter weather arrives quickly and unexpectedly during the school day. Parents/guardians who work outside the home during school hours are encouraged to have a plan in place to ensure an adult is available to care for young children if they get home early. Make certain that your children know where to go if no one is at home when they arrive.

    In the event of a 2-hour delayed start, buses will pick up approximately two hours later than normal, and classes will start two hours later than normal. 

    If WSD schools are forced to close due to inclement weather or other factors (i.e. power outages, water main breaks), parents/guardians will be notified in the following ways:  

    District Phone Call/Text/Email
    The WSD utilizes Blackboard, a mass communication broadcast system that allows school administrators to notify all households by phone, text, and email within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal or school cancelation. The service may also be used occasionally by individual schools to communicate general announcements or reminders. Please be sure to notify the school office about any change in your personal contact information. You always have the option of how you would like to receive notifications (you can turn off the call and only receive texts and/or emails for example). Simply contact the Communications & Community Relations office to change your delivery preferences by calling 636/327-3800 x 20358, or emailing

    When inclement weather causes the District to cancel school or dismiss classes early, please check the following television and radio stations for school closing information.

    KTVI - TV Channel 2             KMOX Radio   1120 AM

    KMOV - TV Channel 4           KWRE Radio 730 AM            

    KSDK - TV Channel 5            KFAV  Radio 99.9 FM

    KDNL - TV Channel 30

    These TV and radio stations also have websites with the same school closing information. Look for the Wentzville R-IV School District. Please be advised that individual schools will not be listed separately, closings will always be listed as the Wentzville R-IV School District.

    The District website will be updated with any emergency school closing information. Please check the homepage.

    Social Media
    The WSD has its own Facebook page (Wentzville School District) be sure to “like” us! It's a great way to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the District, complete with pictures. You can also follow the District on Twitter, just search for WSDinfo or Instagram (wsdschools). All three social media sites will be used not only to keep community members informed about the latest news in the District, but in the event of a school closing or emergency, this will be yet another means of communicating quickly and efficiently.

    WSD App Push Notification
    The WSD has an app you can download and choose to follow your child's school. The app will be an additional notification tool used in the event of a school closing or emergency to send followers a push notification directly to your phone. You can download the WSD app from iTunes or Google Play.