Welcome to Health Services

  • A Message from WSD School Nurses:

    Good health enhances your student's ability to learn.  School nursing has grown to meet student needs and involves much more than dispensing hugs and band-aids.  Nurses address issues that face our students and assist teachers to enable our students for the best learning experience.

    School nurses support good health and learning by performing a variety of duties including: direct student care; assessing student health needs; providing in-service training for staff and students; conducting mandatory health screenings; overseeing maintenance of student health and immunization records; administering medication; providing emergency first aid to students and staff; and working with Department of Health in the control of communicable diseases.

    Keep your student's health and emergency information updated with current names and telephone numbers by contacting your child's school office.  Student Health Information should be updated yearly.  Please keep your school nurse updated on your child's health status, such as surgeries, medications, illnesses/diseases, new diagnoses, or other conditions that may affect your child's school performance.

    Certain health conditions or students with potentially life-threatening health conditions may require an Individual Health Plan (IHP) for the safety and wellbeing of your child.  Please contact your school nurse to create this plan.

    Required Student Immunizations:
    The state of Missouri requires certain immunizations before children may attend school.  Children may receive their immunizations from their health care provider or at the St. Charles County Health Department.  If you are unsure if your child is in need of immunizations, please contact your health care provider or your school nurse.

    In order to dispense medication at your child's school, the school district is required to have an authorization form completed by the students prescribing physician annually.

    Health Screenings:
    Throughout the 2024-2025 academic year, the WSD will provide vision and hearing screenings for all students in grades K-3.  If your student is not in grades K-3, you may reach out to your child’s school nurse to request screening. Families may also reach out to the school nurse with any questions or concerns.

    A completed MSHSAA Physical form must be completed and on file with your child's school annually before students may participate in middle or high school sports.  Your school office can provide you with a form, or download a copy from the Health Services forms section.