1. Complete A+ program, if eligible.
    2. Apply by early Spring to be best prepared to register for classes in April. Check school's website for exact dates. ** If you plan on completing the nursing program then you need to begin your process as early as possible (even junior year).  This is a competitive program.  Click here for more information on the nursing program.
    3. Complete the FAFSA after October 1. Use SCC school code to send your information straight to the college. The school code is 017027.  Filing your FAFSA by February 1 offers your best benefit to receive full funding (if you qualify).
    4. Complete necessary assessments.  You might not have to take all assessments if you have certain ACT subscores.(18-Reading, 23-Math, 18-English)  Also, see practice math websites below.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you spend time preparing for the math assessment to avoid testing into below college level math. Taking math your senior year is important.
    5. Go on the SCC field trip for prospective students (usually in early March). Listen to announcements or check this website for permission form information.  
    6. Research the SCC website for other scholarship opportunities that might cover the cost of books
    7. Register for classes. Do this early to make sure you get the classes and the class times that you want.Registration will begin in April. Follow the application steps to apply.
    8. Request final transcript be sent to SCC.  This will be part of senior packet you will get in April.
    9. Consider other community colleges in the area depending on your major. For example: St. Louis Community College and State Technical College of Missouri. See A+ Information for a complete listing of schools that offer the A+ grant.  

    Practice math websites: 

    Kahn Academy
    ACT Compass Sample
    S.O.S. Mathematics
    A Plus Math 

      If you are graduating early and plan to attend college in the spring of your senior year, please make an appointment with Mrs. Nielsen by the end of September.