• Free ACT PrepTimberland High School will be offering some free ACT prep google meets and online prep.  If you are interested in signing up, email Dr. Jason Theodorakos (jasontheodorakos@wsdr4.org).  

    Preparing before the test just makes sense...$50.50 per test......might as well be ready!  


    Other Prep. Options

    Consider doing the ACT Online prep. through Timberland's e-learning lab. You can also take this E-learning class for half a credit during the school year.
    Talk to your counselor for advice regarding the difficulty of this class before signing up.

    Helpful Links:

    1. Prep FactoryFree ACT and SAT prep website.
    2. Cambridge Test Prep. at St. Charles Community College: $155 plus book. Available various days fall, spring, summer. 
    3. Doorway to College FoundationFind seminars in the area and online resources for ACT, SAT, and PSAT prep. 
    4. Webster University Workshop: $50. Diagnostic and intensive review of each section.  Written material included.
    5. Released Test InformationAnother way to prepare for the ACT is to buy released test information from ACT. You may do this for the December, April and June tests. You will receive a list of the questions/your answers/the correct answers in order to help you prepare for future tests. There is a fee for this service.
    6. The Official ACT Prep BooksCopies of "The Official ACT" Prep books can be checked out in the college and career center. Come see me! See link for more prep.  ACT offers a variety of prep books and online prep (some free and some have a cost).
    7. March2Success:  The Army offers free online ACT and SAT prep.

    Private tutoring may be the answer if you have tried other free ways to prepare and are still needing to raise your score. Make an appointment with Mrs. Nielsen to discuss this option.