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  • The music therapy program at Pearce Hall provides music therapy group, individual music therapy services and music and relaxation. Services are provided to students Tuesday through Thursday. These services help students to identify and practice coping skills, emotional regulation, gain insight and work through a variety of experiences and struggles.   

    Music Therapy Goals
    ̄ Social (interacting with peers, taking turns, and/or social cues)
    ̄ Emotional (self-expression, coping skills, emotion-identification/regulation)
    ̄ Communication (verbal and nonverbal expression)
    ̄ Physical (gross- and/or fine-motor skill development)
    ̄ Cognitive (impulse control, attention span, memory, decision making, and/or creativity)
    Benefits of Music Therapy:
    ̄ Increase cognitive skills (attention, memory, etc)
    ̄ Enhance communication
    ̄ Promote social skills
    ̄ Reduce anxiety
    ̄ Reduce agitation/aggression
    ̄ Improve gross and fine motor skills
    ̄ Reduce stress-related behaviors
    ̄ Improve psycho-social skills
    ̄ Improve mood
    ̄ Increase appropriate sensory stimulation
    ̄ Increase engagement/higher level of concentration

  • Some students who participated in Music Therapy services during their 2018-2019 school year were provided the opportunity to tour a local Saint Louis Recording Studio, Shock City Studios. During their tour, they learned the ins and outs of recording music. Students were also given the opportunity to travel to Maryville University, where they participated in break out sessions with the Music Therapy department at Maryville. As a group, they wrote a song and recorded a pre-existing song in Maryville's recording studio.