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Eagles Soar to Second Place at Cheerleading State Championships

February 9, 2024


The 2023-2024 Liberty High School (LHS) varsity cheerleading team capped off a successful season with a thrilling second-place finish at the Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association (MCCA) State Championship, held on Dec. 9, at Southeast Missouri State University.


Their journey began in the Saint Louis Regional competition, where they battled against tough competition, ultimately securing a strong third place finish in their 5a Small Division, earning them a coveted spot at the state championships.


On the big day, LHS impressed the judges, clinching the runner-up title in the 5a Small Division. Their performance wasn't just about teamwork; individual talent also shone brightly, with four athletes receiving prestigious All-State Awards: Ashley Vieluf for her tumbling, Alexa Popp for her flyer skills, Addison Sheffield for her rock-solid base, and Reese Douglas for her backspot technique. These awards are a true testament to their dedication and exceptional skills, as only 3-5 athletes are chosen in each category across the entire state.


The 2023-2024 Liberty High School Cheer Team Roster:



Jayden Bresnan

Alyse Gorman

Alexa Popp



Lucy Arts



Ava Burnett

Kylie Graham

Lynleigh Hillgartner

Tessa Hudson

Hailey Smith



Kylee Bobbitt

Reagan Bone

Jayden Bresnan

Nevaeh Giffin

Raegan Morrison

Anna Reidy

Addison Sheffield



Carmen Brassel

Reese Douglas

Alyse Gorman

Sophia Metheney

Alexa Popp

Kylie Scism

Ashley Vieluf


Coaches: Alicia Sheffield and Collin Johnson


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