• Senate Bill 1075, the "Get the Lead Out of School Drinking Water Act," was passed by the State of Missouri in the spring. The Wentzville School District welcomes the opportunity to further ensure the safety of our students and staff and is taking action to comply with this legislation.

    Under the new law, schools must have water sources with lead levels below 5 parts per billion (ppb), stricter than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) requirement of 15 ppb. All Missouri schools must meet this new threshold by August 2024.

    We have begun collecting samples throughout the WSD using specialty firm JS Held, LLC. Of the 1,409 samples collected to date, less than 1% of the samples exceeded the USEPA action level, and less than 4% were above the Missouri notification level. As we conduct more testing, we expect these percentages to decrease.

    You can find the complete list of action areas and full reports below. We will continue to update this site as results come in from all schools. 

    In the meantime, all sinks or water sources that test above 5 ppb will be shut off or run/purged for 30 seconds or more before use until they can be replaced or filtered – and re-tested – per recommendation of environmental specialists.

    Sources Requiring Action

  • Page updated Nov. 13, 2023.