As part of the WSD’s ongoing efforts to meet the goals within the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, specifically Goal 2: Develop and maintain a safe, caring, and inclusive school culture and community with members who value and support the whole child, district surveys will be administered to students in grades K-12, families, and staff. The surveys are designed to solicit feedback about the sense of belonging created within each building as well as perspectives regarding building/department culture. Each school and department within the district will use this survey data to understand the current reality and to make improvements moving forward. 

    What information does DESE require for surveys?

    We are required by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to administer surveys of our choosing aimed toward school improvement as part of the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP 6). The continuous improvement domain contains a climate and culture component that includes surveying students, staff, and parents to obtain feedback to be analyzed in planning and developing the school district’s Continuous Improvement Plan. The climate and culture survey must address the following three essential indicators: student voices are heard and respected; school culture and climate data and reports are provided to stakeholders, and educator teams address positive classroom learning environments.

    How was the survey developed?

    To ensure consistency in our schools, this survey was modeled after the belonging surveys already in use with students and staff by several schools within the district as well as the model surveys provided by DESE. 

    How will the survey results benefit the WSD?

    The primary purpose of the survey is to understand students, families, and staff perspectives. District leadership, school administrators, and staff review the overview data to understand areas of strength and growth opportunities to better serve students, staff, and families. 

    Are there questions included in the survey that ask about the mental health of my student?

    No. Belonging and culture surveys administered by WSD are not designed for nor should be used to identify students who require mental health or trauma treatment. 

    Are there questions included in the survey that ask about the political or religious beliefs of my student?

    No. Culture and climate surveys administered by WSD do not ask about political or religious affiliation or belief.

    Will this impact my student’s grades if they don’t take the survey?

    No. There is no credit or grade which is given to students for participating or not participating. The survey is totally voluntary.