Wentzville School District offers two different options for ordering your transcript: Electronic and Mailed.

    MAILED/Emailed TRANSCRIPT (Traditional Transcript Request Method):

    School Transcript Request Form

    Link for Mailed/emailed Transcript

    • Submit to Registrar.


    School Transcript Request Form – None


    • Parents or guardians must sign the request form for students under 18 years - physical signatures only, no typed signatures.
    • Official transcripts can only be mailed/emailed directly to the institution.
    • Be mindful of your deadlines. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing by the Registrar.
    • Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery (via mail) to the institution. In addition, each location may also have their own processing time.
      • Unofficial transcripts are not stamped, signed, or sealed. But the academic information is the same.
      • All transcripts sent to employers will be unofficial.
      • Electronic transcripts do not have seals, stamps, or signatures.
    • If you have extra documentation for scholarships (paper application, recommendation letter, etc.) that you would like to include along with your transcript, please attach them to your transcript request form.
    • When requesting a transcript, it be sent via email:
    • Verify that the institution will accept transcripts via email.
    • The transcripts will not be mailed. If you would like the transcript to be both mailed and emailed, please make a note on the transcript request form.


    Option 1 –

    School Transcript Request Form -

    • Include email address of the institution(for official transcript) - verify that transcripts via email are accepted by the institution.  .
    • Include your personal email address (for unofficial transcript).
    • When you include an email address, the transcript will not be mailed. If you would like the transcript to be both mailed and emailed, please make a note on the transcript request form.
    • Submit to Registrar.

    Option 2 –

    Parchment.com (third party service) - you will need to register on their website

    Parchment Website

    ** Parchment will send your official transcript electronically, securely, and confidentially to the institution you designate.  If the transcript is sent via email, it is not guaranteed to be secure. **


    School Transcript Request Form

    Link For Electronic Request for Transcript – None

     Parchment Fee

    Unofficial transcript – None

    Official Transcript – $3.50

    Handling Fee – $2.00 (USPS Destinations)

    Overnight & international delivery available. Pricing varies by destination/delivery speed.