• Heritage Intermediate Arrival/Dismissal Procedures



    Parent Drop off and Pick Up Route: (See the map) Follow the route from Northview; left on Carr Street; right on Academy Drive. Heritage Intermediate Students (Grades 3-6) will enter/exit at the Academy gym entrance. If you have younger students, stay in the same car line as Intermediate families and then make a right into the Heritage Primary parking lot. Do not form a second line on Academy Drive entering the primary parking lot as that blocks Intermediate cars trying to turn left on Linn Street. Heritage Primary Students (Grades 1-2) will enter/exit at the main Heritage Primary entrance located at 612 Blumhoff Avenue. Kindergarten students will be dropped off at the kindergarten building and picked up at the end of the day from the main entrance along with first and second graders. Parents will need to remain in their cars and our staff will help unload / load your student.

    Students are NOT to be dropped off or picked up at the Intermediate office entrance on Carr Street. Drop off using the Heritage Primary entrance and Academy Gym entrance helps ensure the safety of your student, and avoids our buses being blocked in from traffic congestion as they exit on the Carr Street side of campus.

    Please note there is no early dismissal from either the Primary or Intermediate Office between 2:50 pm and 3:20 pm. If you must pick up your student early from school, please do so prior to 2:50 pm

    Walkers  Students who live close enough to walk to school from the east side of campus may enter and be dismissed on the Intermediate side.   All other walkers should arrive and be dismissed at the Heritage Primary cafeteria entrance.  Heritage staff are stationed at designated crosswalks starting at 8:05 am.  Students should not arrive prior to 8:05 am or attempt to cross any street without a crossing guard present.  If you meet your walker, please wait outside the appropriate doors to retrieve your child.  You may then proceed to the crosswalk.  If you have designated your student to be a walker, they will be expected to enter and exit the building at the appropriate doors and considered to be living close enough to walk to and from home.  

    Bus Riders  Buses will load and unload in the rear of the school buildings. 

    Chautauqua   Families who need to drop off earlier than 8:05 am (or 10:05 am on late start days) or pick up later than 3:20 pm may enroll their students in our Chautauqua before/after school program.  Parents and students may access this program through the Heritage Primary cafeteria doors beginning at 6:00 am for early arrivals and until 6:00 pm in the evening.  For more information about the Chautauqua program, please click here or you can call 636-327-5090 with additional questions.

    Any changes to a student’s regular mode of transportation will need a written note to the teacher and/or a parent phone call to the school office before 2 pm.  This procedure will ensure enough time to communicate the change to the classroom teacher.   Thank you for your cooperation in following our student arrival and dismissal procedures.  You may contact the Intermediate office at 636-327-3839 if you have any questions or concerns.