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  • Therapeutic Art Group

    One strength that's common to many of our students is artistic creativity. To help kindle this strength, Pearce Hall offers a therapeutic art group each week at Pearce Hall. This is a project-based group, where students are able to sign up for a variety of projects throughout the school year. The students have a choice of what they sign up for and projects utilize a number of different creative media: painting, drawing, woodburning, etc. While working on their projects, students have the opportunity to talk with peers about any successes or challenges they are facing. Often, the group is a regulating way to spend time working mindfully and to better prepare them to be successful outside of the art room. Many students find art group as their time to "unwind." This group is an outlet for our students to express their unique creativity and helps them to regulate their emotions. The art group is facilitated by educational support counselor, Farin Swan.