Return to Headlines Ranks the WSD 24th in the State

The WSD is the 24th best school district in Missouri, according to the latest rankings released by There are over 500 public school districts in the state, so that means the WSD is among the top five percent in Missouri! Our amazing, innovative teachers are ranked 35th in Missouri, and Holt, Liberty and Timberland are all ranked in the top 50 high schools in the state. South Middle made the list of the top 50 middle schools (#44) and Boone Trail, Crossroads, Discovery Ridge, Green Tree and Peine Ridge were all ranked in the top 15% in Missouri out of 1,128 elementary schools. A recent graduate left this review on the site: “The educational program and resources for learning are parallel with some of the best in the state. The teachers also are very skilled in their subject matters and concern for not only understanding, but their support for each student, goes beyond the classroom.” #WSDproud

WSD Student

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