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WSD Students Host 5th Annual Film Festival


May 5, 2021


The Wentzville School District held its 5th Annual Film Festival, which was presented as an online premiere on April 28. The Festival, supported by grants from the Wentzville School District Foundation, highlights films written and produced by students in grades K-12. Winners were chosen in nine categories from over 140 submissions. “In an unprecedented school year, we have been absolutely blown away by the creativity and talent of our students,” said WSD Film Festival Committee Chair and Instructional Technology Coach Samantha Hardesty Knoll. “Although we were not in-person again this year, we are glad that we are able to celebrate our students’ work.” The winners by category include:



“The Bright Side” by Adelyn Messick, Heritage Intermediate

“Ladybug Lunch Time” by Jarah Hoffmann, Holt High School



“All Sports Trick Shots” by Quinn Scrogin, Brayden Dill, and Addison Dill, Prairie View Elementary

“Tynlee Jones: The Impact of a Timberland Dance Captain” by Kaylie Lineback, Timberland High School



“Nouns and Verbs” by Amelia Albrecht, Jameson Post, and Sophia Lees, Boone Trail Elementary

“Wanna Go into The Virtual Probe?” by Shravanya Shrinivas, Lakeview Elementary

“Pauldingville 4-H Promo” by Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Timberland High School


Music Video

“Mayonnaise” by Donovan Wright, Journey Elementary



“5 Basic Ballet Positions” by Evelyn Kalbac and Piper Sutton, Crossroads Elementary

“Bread Baking” by Juliana Riley, Stone Creek Elementary

“How to Make Homemade Stickers” by Katherina Schnardthorst, Liberty High School




“5 Acres Animal Shelter” by Heritage Primary Second Grade Classes (Amanda Canty, Kevin Pederson, Rachel Myers, Amy Robb, Michelle Vaughan, Denise Mitchell, Lauren Keebey, and Kelli Owens)

“This is a Bystander” by Lagacie Litzinger, Charli Kelemen, and Lucy Lowry, South Middle School

“COVID-19 Lifestyle and School Tips” by Brooke Benne, Timberland High School



“A Doll’s Life” by Sadie Dunlap, Discovery Ridge Elementary

“The Slow Burn” by Justin Piland and Gavin Gomes, Timberland High School



News Package

“A Teacher’s Point of View” by Ms. Elizabeth Strickland’s 4th Grade Horizons Class, Duello Elementary

“TLTV Season 4, Episode 12” by Broadcast Media Class, Holt High School



“USAgain Recycling Fundraiser PSA” by Jennifer Kastner, Duello Elementary


The logo was designed by Lillian Kraft (Liberty) and the poster was designed by Reese Allquist (Timberland). Lucas Sweeney (Timberland), and Jacob Windham (Timberland) were selected as co-hosts. Films can be viewed on the Wentzville School District Film Festival website.