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WSD Receives Clean "Unmodified" Financial Audit

The Wentzville School District received a clean audit of its financial records, accounting practices and compliance with state and federal requirements during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2020. The audit, which was conducted by the Daniel Jones & Associates accounting firm and approved by the WSD Board of Education, reported no findings or questioned costs.



Derek Gokin, Senior Accountant with Daniel Jones & Associates, reported to the School Board on December 17, that members of his firm had spent several weeks reviewing extensive documentation from the WSD Finance and Facilities Department. The audit was all inclusive, reviewing everything from whether a purchase order originated following proper procedures, to how a purchase order becomes a check, reviewing bids and contracts, verifying attendance and payroll records, as well as confirming correct receipt of revenue at local, county, state and federal level.



“This is great news for the District and a point of pride not just for our department, but for everyone across the WSD, who is charged with managing school and department budgets, as well as our community,” shared Rick Angevine, Chief Financial Officer. “A clean audit is a reflection of our efforts to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars to maintain the trust of our stakeholders. We are mindful of that trust and aim to stretch every dollar to meet the needs of all students.”



In 2019-2020, the District’s total operating revenues were $192.6 million. For additional details about the auditor’s report and WSD finances, visit the WSD website.


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