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WSD Students Excel at Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Students in kindergarten through 12th grade from the Wentzville School District competed in Missouri’s Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair held at Francis Howell North High School on Saturday, March 7. This year there were 257 individual entries, 59 partner projects, and five classroom projects that qualified for the regional fair.  At the end of the day, 31 individual projects and three classroom projects from the WSD received awards, including 24 first and second place awards:


Holt High School:

Hannah Holmes, 12th grade – 2nd place (High School Project)


Timberland High School:

Lily Himmel, 12th grade – 3rd place (High School Project)


Frontier Middle School:

Tessa Wilson, 8th grade – 2nd place (Applied Consumer Science)


Wentzville Middle School:

Isabella Winingear, 7th grade – 1st place and Broadcom MASTERS® Award (Physical Science)

Karly Tinker, 7th grade – 1st place (Physical Science)

Jeremiah Nelson, 8th grade – 2nd place (Physical Science)


Boone Trail Elementary:

Calvin Hefner, 6th grade – 2nd place (Physical Science)

Ava Howard, 2nd grade – 2nd place (Earth and Environmental Science)


Crossroads Elementary:

Lucas Huisman, 2nd grade – 2nd place (Applied Consumer Science)


Discovery Ridge Elementary:

Catalina Cooper, 4th grade – 1st place (Biology)

Mia Irvine, 2nd grade – 1st place (Biology)


Green Tree Elementary:

Callie Butler, 2nd grade – 3rd place (Applied Consumer Science)


Heritage Intermediate:

Mackenzie Swanson, 5th grade – 1st place (Earth and Environmental Science)

Adelyn Messick, 5th grade – 3rd place (Earth and Environmental Science)                                                                                      

Heritage Primary:

Brayden Lisk, 2nd grade – 1st place (Physical Science)

Mrs. Kathy Hoffmann, Kindergarten – 1st place (Class Project)

Mrs. Denise Mitchell, 2nd grade – 2nd place (Class Project)

Mrs. Patricia Million, 2nd grade – 3rd place (Class Project)


Lakeview Elementary:

Annie Hamilton, 5th grade – 1st place (Applied Consumer Science)

Shravanya Shrinivas, 5th grade – 1st place (Physical Science)

Sophia Christ, 5th grade – 3rd place (Biology)

Jonathan Nelson, 4th grade – 3rd place (Physical Science)


Peine Ridge Elementary:

Ally Budnik, 4th grade – 3rd place (Physical Science)

Colton Hemmersmeyer, 1st grade – 3rd place (Physical Science)

James Loges, 3rd grade – 3rd place (Physical Science)


Prairie View Elementary:

Lorelei Wise, 6th grade – 2nd place (Physical Science)


Stone Creek Elementary:

Madelyn Doss, 2nd grade – 1st place (Applied Consumer Science)

Abigail Atkins, 3rd grade – 2nd place (Physical Science)

Josias Hicks, 1st grade – 2nd place (Biology)

Shannon Johnson, 6th grade – 2nd place (Applied Consumer Science)

Alex Saffer, 3rd grade – 3rd place (Applied Consumer Science)


Wabash Elementary:

Harry Smith, 3rd grade – 1st place (Physical Science)

Archer Wilson, 1st grade – 1st place (Biology)

Olivia York, 5th grade – 2nd place (Biology)