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WMS Teacher Earns Gifted Support Network Grant

Adam Estes of Wentzville Middle School (WMS) has received a $500 Karen Battle Memorial Grant from the Gifted Support Network (GSN) of St. Charles County. Estes, WMS Horizons teacher, applied for the grant to help support service learning projects for his students.

“The funds from the grant will be used to provide resources to help WMS Horizons students become changemakers and make our community an even better place,” Estes said. “Horizons is our District gifted program, which provides enrichment opportunities and specifically focuses on critical thinking, divergent thinking, communication, and citizenship.”

Estes encourages service learning by utilizing a book called, “Me to We.” “For me, the most important goal these funds will help meet is not a curricular one at all; it's simply to encourage students to engage in their world and make a difference however they can,” said Estes. “This also ties in with our curricular goal of demonstrating good citizenship, and recognizing and responding to the needs of others.” Estes says the grant funds will assist him in providing opportunities for students to engage in projects that will make a difference in their community.

Teachers from across the metro area submitted applications to fund various projects for their gifted and talented students to encourage creative and collaborative thinking, and keep them challenged academically. The six educators who received the grant were chosen because their project proposals were most in line with GSN’s mission, which is to provide resources to support parents and educators of gifted and high-ability children. The grant is awarded in memory of Karen Battle, who was a gifted teacher in St. Charles County for 25 years. If you would like more information or would like to donate to the GSN, visit

Adam Estes and Krista Brown