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WSD Announces Heather Sweeten as 2024 Support Staff Employee of the Year

March 12, 2024

Heather Sweeten

The Wentzville School District announced Heather Sweeten, school nurse at Heritage Intermediate, as the 2024 District Support Staff Employee of the Year today, March 12, in a surprise announcement by her colleagues and family at Heritage Intermediate.

“Heather is highly respected by all staff buildingwide,” said Dr. Kim Walters, Heritage Intermediate principal. “She is always approachable, friendly, welcoming, and takes time to listen to others. She gains the trust of others quickly with her high level of competency and genuine approach. She maintains a calm presence in every situation. Mrs. Sweeten focuses on positive solutions when challenges arise. For these reasons, she is sought out by others for her knowledge, ideas, and feedback.”

The WSD is proud to recognize all of the hard-working support staff employees who go above and beyond for our students and our District. 

It is the support staff employees who drive our buses, prepare the food, clean our schools, and do scores of other jobs that help support the District’s educational efforts. Our support staff employees often labor behind the scenes, but their hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 

Every year, each building in the District selects its own “Support Staff Employee of the Year,” and the building winners are eligible for the District Support Staff Employee of the Year Award. 

The 2024 WSD Support Staff Employees of the Year are:

  • Barfield: Jackie Page, school nurse

  • Boone Trail: Joe McDonald, instructional assistant

  • Crossroads: Carrie Mathews, instructional assistant

  • Discovery Ridge: Jessica Carpenter, division secretary

  • Duello: Michael Bishop, custodian

  • Green Tree: Erin Kerner, instructional assistant

  • Heritage Primary: Barb Unger, noon duty

  • Heritage Intermediate: Heather Sweeten, school nurse

  • Journey: Morgan Bockhorst, principal secretary

  • Lakeview: Kim Majesky, division secretary

  • Peine Ridge: Dennis Jones, noon duty 

  • Prairie View: Tyson Rebura, instructional assistant

  • Stone Creek: Jessica Allen, division secretary 

  • Wabash: Melissa Steffan, division secretary

  • Frontier Middle: Patrick Budds, SRO

  • North Point Middle: Aimee Rhodes, registrar, guidance office secretary

  • South Middle: Angie Zytniak, principal secretary 

  • Wentzville Middle: Tarla Novel, custodian

  • Holt High: Leslie Grimmer, counseling office secretary

  • Liberty High: Savannah Kruse, instructional assistant

  • North Point High: Debby Carlie, instructional assistant

  • Timberland High: Larry Barker, technology specialist

  • Pearce Hall: Kathy Kitchen, instructional assistant 

  • REACH: George Nelson, physical therapist

  • Support Services: Linda Bagby, administrative assistant

  • Transportation: Dawn Schulte, bus aide

  • WSD Administrative Center, Annex: Ashley Bray, district receptionist

  • WSD Berrey-Place: Katie Kruchowski, administrative secretary