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LHS Student Places First in the DECA International Career Development Competition this April

May 26, 2023

Liberty High School (LHS) student Arthi Kondapaneni placed first in the Community Giving Project category of the DECA International Career Development Competition this April in Orlando, Fla. She faced 164 competitors before taking home the gold. Liberty DECA was the only school in the entire state of Missouri to bring home a first-place trophy! 

Arthi Kondapaneni
Arthi Kondapaneni

Also from the Wentzville School District, Madalyn Breckenridge and Brooke Suftko, from LHS, finished in the top 10 at internationals in the Sales Project category. Austin Schulte and Luca Davito, from Timberland High School (THS), were finalists at internationals in the Business Operations Research category. 

Madalyn Breckenridge and Brooke Suftko
Madalyn Breckenridge and Brooke Suftko

Austin Schulte and Luca Davito
Austin Schulte and Luca Davito

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. There were 22,000 students who competed in internationals from America, Canada, Spain, Germany, Guam, China, and other countries. 

Breckenridge, Davito, Kondapaneni, Schulte, and Suftko were invited to the Governor's Mansion to be recognized for their accomplishments. 

All WSD DECA international qualifiers include: 

  • Alicia Jorgensen (THS)
  • Aneesh Dahuja (THS)
  • Aicha Beye (LHS)
  • Arthi Kondapaneni (LHS)
  • Ashley Thomson (THS)
  • Audrey Fleetwood (LHS)
  • Austin Schulte (THS) 
  • Ava Reidy (LHS)
  • Bailey Renfro (THS)
  • Brooke Suftko (LHS)
  • Cameron Wright (LHS)
  • Christian Cuadra (THS)
  • Courtney Wilfong (THS)
  • Dillon Roberts (LHS)
  • Dominick Haley (LHS)
  • Drake Politte (LHS)
  • Gabby Rettinghaus (THS)
  • Isabella Casas (LHS)
  • Kalyn Williams (THS)
  • Layla Collier (THS)
  • Leah Kaler (LHS)
  • Luca Davito (THS)
  • Maddie Taylor (THS)
  • Madalyn Breckenridge (LHS) 
  • Manav Vinotha (LHS)
  • Ryan White (LHS)
  • Tabitha Schacht (THS)
  • Tyler Bryant (THS)
  • Vianca Malave-Torres (LHS)

Prior to the national competition, WSD students from all four high schools — Holt, Liberty, North Point, and Timberland — competed in District Six (the largest district in the state) at the State Career Development Conference on March 12-14, in Kansas City, Mo. Below are the WSD students who qualified to compete at the state competition: 



  • Abigail Bausch
  • Brooke Schottel 
  • Calissa Waltz 
  • Courtney Rikard
  • Fuller Young
  • Gabriel Stroud
  • Grace Peters
  • Grace Wood
  • Hayden Bartel
  • Joselyn Roe
  • Lillian Palmgren
  • Kaitlyn McNeely 
  • Kylie Ward 
  • Molly Hunn
  • Morgan Cooper
  • Nicholas Sauers
  • Samuel Gawedzinski
  • Samantha Wainscott
  • Shane McDaniel



  • Addie Ritchey
  • Aicha Beye
  • Arthi Kondapaneni 
  • Ashley Vieluf
  • Audrey Fleetwood 
  • Ava Reidy 
  • Brooke Suftko
  • Carmen Brassel
  • Cameron Wright 
  • Campbell Bahr
  • Dillon Roberts 
  • Dominick Haley
  • Drake Politte
  • Isabella Casas
  • Jessica Wagner
  • Jillian Garcia
  • Jon Howell
  • Kaitlin Stumpf
  • Leah Kaler 
  • Madalyn Breckenridge
  • Manav Raja Vinotha
  • Morgan Moomey
  • Nathan Bobikiewicz
  • Nick May
  • Nolan Chambers
  • Payton Guffey
  • Payton Hemmer
  • Raksha Thiagarajan
  • Rathi Thiagarajan
  • Ryan White
  • Ryleigh McKinney
  • Sathvika Pudur Ravi Shanker
  • Serena Bartels
  • Vianca Malave-Torres



  • Mariah Robinson
  • Samantha Horn



  • Alicia Jorgensen
  • Aneesh Dahuja
  • Austin Schulte
  • Bailey Renfro
  • Carson McClain
  • Carter Lutgen
  • Christian Cuadra 
  • Courtney Wilfong  
  • Gabby Rettinghaus
  • Gavin Peimann 
  • Ian Pryor
  • Kalyn Williams 
  • Layla Collier
  • Luca Davito 
  • Mattie Sellers
  • Reed Corrigan 
  • Tabitha Schacht
  • Tyler Bryant