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WSD Raises Awareness During Bullying Prevention Month

Oct. 31, 2022

Wentzville School District (WSD) staff incorporated various Bullying Prevention Month activities into lessons throughout October to help students gain a deeper understanding of bullying and its impact.

At Lakeview Elementary (LVE), the counseling staff – Stephanie Davenport and Alissa Erbs – visited each classroom and taught students about the importance of being kind to one another and shared why it is crucial for people to feel they belong. At the end of the lesson, students drew an image of what belonging looks like to them on a post-it. The post-its will be put together into a mural as a beautiful representation of the school coming together and how each LVE student belongs!

Prairie View Elementary (PVE) highlighted activities centered around “being a buddy, not a bully” all month long. One week, dress-up themes included Wear Camo: Stop Hiding and Speak Up and Tropical: Catch a Wave of Kindness. Local ‘celebrities’ – such as Officer Ron and Dr. Tormala, WSD superintendent – read Bullying Prevention Month books to the students of PVE. 

Dr. Tormala reading to PVE students for Bullying Prevention Month

These are just a few highlights among the many items centered around Bullying Prevention Month within the WSD, and the work doesn’t stop there. Students or parents who have questions or concerns about bullying are encouraged to reach out to a teacher or a school administrator all year long, so each concern can be fully investigated and addressed. Families can also access the District’s Mental Health Hub for additional mental health resources.