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Wabash Teacher Wins Grant to Transform Classroom

Wabash Elementary special education teacher Jodi Owens has earned a grant worth up to $20,000 from Freedom Interiors to transform her classroom to suit her students’ needs. The Free 2 Learn Grant provides the winning teacher’s school one fully-furnished classroom, all tailored specifically for students via a 3D scan.

This is the first year of the Freedom Interiors Free 2 Learn Grant, and Owens is thrilled about what the makeover will mean for her students. She even asked to reduce some teaching space in order to maximize learning space for her students. “My overall goal for applying for the grant was to provide my students with a flexible learning environment that will allow them to transfer fluidly between small group and independent work,” said Owens. “I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to be able to provide them with a fun and inviting learning space where they are excited to learn.”

Freedom Interiors will perform a 3D laser scan of her current classroom, and then review and assess student and teacher learning/instruction styles to create a flexible, collaborative classroom. Owens will have an opportunity to view through virtual reality what the classroom will look like before the new furniture even arrives, along with a 3D generation of the scene. “The great thing about the furniture in the room is that it is all on wheels,” Owens said. Whether it’s the Genga blocks and bench seats, or dry-erase tabletop and multisensory half round, anything can be moved to better suit ever-changing student needs. “I wasn't really sure how everything we talked about would fit, but I am really pleased with how it looks so far!"

The classroom transformation is tentatively scheduled to take place during Spring Break in March. An education furniture and classroom design company serving Kansas and Missouri, Freedom Interiors creates active and modern learning environments with the goal of helping teachers bring their curricula to its full potential, utilizing 3D scanning, virtual reality and live design to reach that goal. For more information on the company, visit the Freedom Interiors website.

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