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WSD Receives Accreditation, Improves Score in Latest Annual Performance Report (APR)

Dec. 18, 2023

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released its 2023 Annual Performance Report (APR) for all Missouri school districts, including the Wentzville School District (WSD), on Monday, Dec. 18. The WSD scored 84.4%, meeting accreditation requirements and showing slight improvement from the previous year’s score of 84.2%.

What is an APR? 

DESE's APR evaluates Missouri students and schools based on state standards. It is part of the Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP) 6 and is one way parents and communities assess districts. The report includes both performance metrics and continuous improvement metrics, and it considers how districts serve all students, as well as student groups. The APR is the primary factor in a district’s accreditation status.

The 2023 APR academic data is based on the 2022-23 MAP testing cycle. 


In this year's report, WSD students achieved the highest possible ranking of "target" in English Language Arts (ELA) as well as an increased average Map Proficiency Index (MPI). The WSD also made significant progress in science, moving up to the highest ranking of "target" from last year's "on track.”

Additionally, the WSD experienced “above average” growth for all students – the highest ranking – in the areas of ELA, math, and science. 

Growth Table

“We are pleased to see movement in areas our District has prioritized this past year,” said Dr. Danielle Tormala, WSD superintendent. “Our staff, students, and families are working incredibly hard on academic achievement, and we are creating strategic plans and establishing priorities to reflect this commitment.” 

Other APR Performance

In the area of continuous improvement, the WSD maxed out points earned in all categories except for attendance. ICAP (individual career academic plan) category, went from 75% to 100%.


In addition to these accomplishments, the APR highlighted areas of opportunity the District plans to target with its upcoming action plan. 

Although the overall growth in math is deemed to be "above average" – representing the highest rating – the general math performance remains “on track” – the second-highest rating. Also, while the WSD witnessed a significant increase in ELA performance among all students  – with ratings rising from 60.8% (average) to 78.3% (above average) – there is still potential for improvement. 

Student groups exhibited an overall need for improvement in achievement and growth in both math and ELA. The District intends to maintain its focus on further enhancing performance for all students as well as student groups in both areas.

Additionally, there was an increase in proportional attendance from 81.6% to 82.9%, indicating progress in an ongoing priority area for the District. However, there is still room for improvement, and the WSD remains dedicated to efforts in this area, as it is a goal included in each school's individual improvement plan for the current year.

Community Support 

The District is grateful for the support and collaboration with our families, and the positive impact of partnership can be seen in many areas. Attendance impacts student outcomes and continues to play a role in the District's APR score. If your child is healthy and able, please prioritize their attendance and make a difference in their educational success! 

Thanks to increased participation, our graduate follow-up improved from last year into the “target” category over last year’s “on track.”

Families in grades K-5 can use MyPath for math and K-8 MyPath for reading as a home resource to help students stay on track with their academics.


"While this report was just released to the community today, this data is something we have been continually evaluating and sharing with our community over the past year,” said Dr. Tormala. 

In a year where the overall APR fell in many Missouri school districts, the WSD is proud to see growth in its report. Out of 27 area districts, the WSD is one of only nine schools that saw an increase in 2023.

“This report serves as just one of the various methods we use to assess our achievements as a District," said Dr. Tormala. “We also take pride in measuring success by providing a well-rounded education and meeting the needs of the whole child.”

Read more about last year’s score and how MSIP 6 is different from and should not be compared to MSIP 5. This year's APR was based on the MSIP 6, which is in its first official year following the pilot year in 2022.

The District will report on the data at an upcoming Board of Education meeting. View the full APR report on the DESE website.