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How do I report an absence?

If your child is going to be absent, please contact the office and let them know.


You can do this by calling 636-887-3884 and choosing option 1.  You will need to leave your child(ren)s name, date of absence and reason for the absence on the voicemail.


You can email Melissa Steffan the same above information at


We are also able to place advanced absences in our system as well.  So if you know your child(ren) will be absent on a specific date, you can give that information to us ahead of time and we can pre-post it in our system.


It is always best to let us know if your child(ren) will be late to school as well.  


If the absence is not called in, an automated call will go out along with an email and text message, asking why the student is absent.  The first call goes out approximately 9:45 am and then another one will go out at 6:00 pm if there was no response from the first call.