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    Horticultural Therapy 

  • The purpose of the horticultural therapy program at Pearce Hall, led by Amy Nau, is to help students be more successful in their personal and academic lives. The program accomplishes this by designing therapy goals and objectives to aid in positive behavior, social and emotional development, and by focusing the program to attain goals from scholars’ IEPs.  By utilizing horticultural therapy as a complementary therapy to aid scholar behavior and academic achievement, the therapist will work alongside other student support services offered such as social work and counselors, speech therapy, occupational therapy, social work, psychologist services, and special education teachers. Program goals for students are tied to the mission for Pearce Hall and include increasing pre-vocational work skills, increasing positive sensory experiences, increasing social and emotional management, enhancing the quality of life and a sense of purpose, and increasing joyful moments for students throughout the school day. 

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