• Emergency At-Home Learning DaysVirtual Students

    As we work through this unprecedented school year, we would like to share our plans with you to provide students with learning activities and assignments in the event we have to suddenly close school for a day.  Beginning this school year, Missouri school districts with an approved plan for at-home learning may count those as days of student attendance.  This could occur due to COVID, weather-related events, water main breaks, etc.  On these days, students will participate in learning in a variety of ways.  When an at-home learning day is utilized, we will contact families via our usual channels: phone call, text, push notification, email, social media, and website, and we will not have to make up the day at the end of the school year.   

    An important note about snow days:  We have built six days into our school calendar for the 20-21 school year to be utilized as snow days.  We will not utilize at-home learning on those six built-in days.  If we were to have additional snow days after the first six, we plan to utilize at-home learning days.  By doing that, we avoid extending our calendar at the end of the school year.    

    For our K-5 students, they will not have Chromebooks on these days since it will be an unplanned school closure.  Because of this, they will have a combination of learning assignments and optional virtual interactions with the teacher.  Parents and guardians should expect an email the morning of an at-home learning day outlining what needs to be completed for that day.  Students will access learning in their Google Classroom and via Google Meet.  Students must return completed assignments the next day to be given attendance for the day.  These assignments will be clearly outlined by the teacher.

    Grades K-5 Virtual Academy schedules will not be impacted by an at-home learning day.  Students will continue their regular schedule of learning on these days.    

    For our 6-12 students, they will have their Chromebooks at home and therefore, will receive a modified virtual instruction schedule.  On these days, students will meet virtually with classes following their daily bell schedule.  Students will be expected to attend these classes virtually and attendance will be taken.  Additional assignments and activities may also be provided by the teacher.  

    Grades 6-12 Virtual Academy schedules will follow the building’s daily bell schedule, which is their typical virtual schedule.    

    Sometimes adversity presents us with new opportunities. Prior to this year, we were not in a position to provide these at-home learning opportunities for all students. Our Teaching & Learning staff has worked diligently to develop a framework that enables us to continue to provide quality instruction for students at home in a variety of emergency circumstances. Thank you for your continued support as we partner together to make the most of every learning experience for our students.

    As a quick reference, you may refer to our FAQs: