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    State Tech has partnered with the state of Missouri to build a mobile training facility.  This trailer has been used throughout the state of Missouri and helps provide FREE training for those seeking out specialized job skills.  The training includes computers, electronics, motor controls, industrial maintenance, and HVAC. It has successfully been used for adults who are in the process of working their way through rehabilitation and fresh start programs.  MoAMP has partnered with Pearce Hall to provide FREE grant-funded specialized training to individuals with their high school diploma. Currently, this program is open to any former students of Pearce Hall and their families. If you or your student is interested in this program, please contact Pearce Hall administrator Ben Hebisen. If your student is close to graduating and they are interested, please speak with their teacher or counselor for more information on the application process.

    Tiered level of Certifications that can be earned include:

    • NCRC
      • Keyboarding Certificate (9 contact hours total)
    • Maintenance Technician 
      • OSHA 10 Card
      • CPR/First Aid/AED Card
      • EPA Section 608
      • Maintenance Tech Certificate of Completion (65 Total Contact Hours)
    • Advanced maintenance Technician
      • Advanced Maintenance Tech Certificate of Completion (63 Total Contact Hours)
    • Manufacturing Technician - Online
      • State Tech Transcript 4 credits
      • Manufacturing Technician Certificate of Completion (75 Total Contact Hours)


    Mo Start Trailer