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    Home Works  


    Home Works is a Teacher Home Visit Program that hopes to continue improving teacher/student/family relationships as well as increase school readiness, attendance, classroom participation, work completion and academic achievement. Teachers make 2 visits with the student and family outside of the school building (ideally at the family's home) during the school year. Home visits help teachers and parents come together as equals, form partnerships, and collaborate to support learning. Teachers get to know the families and as parents get to know the teachers. Home works guiding principles and beliefs include: 

    • All parents want the best for their children
    • Families play a key role in children's life paths
    • All students can learn.
    • Learning creates opportunities.
    • Individual differences should be respected.
    • Open, honest communication is key.
    • Strength-based perspectives promote respect, trust and effective outcomes.


    Throughout the school year, there are 2 Home Works dinners at Pearce, where students and famlies are invited to attend. This is an opportunity to enjoy a delicious dinner while families connect with the staff and other students and families who attend Pearce. It is also an opportunity to meet other providers within the community who are also collaborating with Pearce Hall and to gain information about additional resources available. 


    Home Works website