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    Connections to Success works with and teaches students about life plans, career assessments and helps give them a sense of purpose. It prepares students for interviews, applications and job performances. Students feel welcomed, supported and empowered to discover their strengths, build self-confidence, learn new skills and practice accountability for creating the future they desire. Curriculum provided to students at Pearce Hall is relevant to real-world scenarios that many young adults between the ages of 16-24 might experience. This curriculum includes foundational elements such as self-reflections, gratitude, and motivation; personal strength building; empowerment and responsibility; career exploration; how to market yourself; real-world application. Upon completion of the program, students are equipped with multiple strategies for securing employment and a variety of tools for professional presentations. Data reported from Connections to Success has identified a 75% employment rate and 74% retention rate for individuals who have completed various programs offered. This program is not often offered to high school students, especially in a public setting. Pearce Hall is one of the first public schools to partner with Connections to Success. Students at Pearce who are eligible and interested are chosen by their teachers, counselors and/or administrator at Pearce Hall.