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  • Crystal Boschert became a 200-hour yoga teacher in 2014 through Jane's House of Well-Being. She quickly began to share the healing and knowledge she experienced through her yoga training with others. Currently, she is working to obtain a Master's Degree in School and Professional Counseling at Lindenwood University, with a graduation date of May 2019. While she has been in Lindenwood's program, she began to incorporate different counseling techniques into her yoga and classes to create a more therapeutic experience for others. Her goal is to help bring balance, awareness, health and happiness into others lives. In the Fall of 2017, she began teaching yoga therapy to the students at Pearce Hall. The yoga session goals are to help enhance each student's mindfulness and their overall well-being. Students learn yoga postures and breathing exercises. They are given a chance to explore their strengths, work on focus and learn how to find balance on and off the mat.  

  • Students in the tree pose during Yoga Therapy at Pearce Hall

    Students in the tree pose during Yoga Therapy at Pearce Hall.


    Yoga stretches at Pearce Hall's Yoga Therapy

    Students in a yoga stretch at Pearce Hall's Yoga Therapy.