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    St. Charles County CAPS provides high school students in St. Charles County with a pre-professional, innovative and entrepreneurial education through career-oriented experiences that are both hands-on and real-world.  St. Charles County CAPS students are immersed in professional environments, engaging in curriculum developed by industry professionals and program instructors - ensuring that what is taught in the classroom is relevant to the workforce.  Learning is enhanced by project work direct from industry partners who engage to mentor students and ensure timely, accurate and real project results.

    Learning at St. Charles County CAPS is real-time, real-world, and hands-on.  Emphasis is placed on developing professional skills, such as communication and collaboration, which employers deem highly important to individual success.

    Students attend the CAPS program for half of their school day and the other half is at their home school.  The morning CAPS session is from 7:30 AM to 10 AM and the afternoon session is from 12 PM - 2:30 PM. Students who participate in St. Charles County CAPS must provide their own transportation to and from their home school and the business site.   95% attendance is expected to remain in the course.

    A complete application is required to apply.  CAPS interviews may occur as well for strand placement purposes.  The SCC CAPS application and deadline to apply can be found under Enrollment on the SCC CAPS website - scccaps.org.