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    The Guidance and Counseling Department is an integral part of Wentzville High School's total educational program. Guidance curriculum is developmental by design and includes sequential activities organized and implemented by certified school counselors.  The Guidance Program includes: GUIDANCE CURRICULUM; INDIVIDUAL PLANNING; RESPONSIVE SERVICES and SYSTEM SUPPORT. The program is designed to address the needs of all students by helping them to acquire competencies in CAREER PLANNING AND EXPLORATION; KNOWLEDGE OF SELF AND OTHERS and EDUCATIONAL AND VOCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

    Throughout high school the Guidance and Counseling Departments will plan strategic activities to assist students.  Some highlights of each year may include, but are not limited to, the activities listed below. Please check with the counseling office for details. 

    9th Grade

    10th Grade

    Orientation to Guidance Department
    Career Path Action Plan/Five Year Academic Plan
    A+ Participation Agreement
    Freshman Transition Program

    Lewis & Clark Career Center (Application 1st Semester)
    Career Exploration
    A+ Participation Agreement

    11th Grade

    12th Grade

    Junior & Parent College Planning
    SCC-Mid River College Fair
    Post-Secondary Education Representative Visits
    Boys & Girls State
    Compass, PSAT, ACT/SAT, AP Test
    Individual College & Career Exploration
    ACT Prep Courses
    A+ Program

    Post-Secondary Decision Making
    SCC-Mid River College Fair
    College Planning/Financial Aid Parent Night
    ACT/SAT Test, AP Test
    Post-Secondary Representative Visits
    Career Path Action Plan (Review)
    A+ Senior Parent Night
    College Count Down Checklist
    A+ Program


    The followings terms and definitions may be helpful:

    Transcript: A permanent document to track grades and attendance.

    Credit: A full unit is awarded for a course that meets for two semesters (year). A course that meets for one semester yields 1/2 credit.  Grades must be "D" or above to receive credit.  No credit is granted for a single quarter's work.

    Prerequisite: A requirement that must be met before enrolling in a particular course (e.g. English I is a prerequisite for English II).

    G.P.A.: Grade Point Average is an indicator of your overall scholastic performance.  The GPA is computed by multiplying the number of grade points earned in each course (generally, A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0) times the number of courses, then dividing the sum by the total number of credits taken.  GPA is calculated at the end of each semester.