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    The Wentzville School District is proud to provide students with the opportunity to select from over 20 different Advanced Placement courses in a variety of curricular areas as well as 9 Project Lead the Way Courses in both Engineering and Biomedical Sciences.


    What Are the Benefits of AP and PLTW Courses?
    Many benefits come with taking these types courses while in high school. AP and PLTW courses provide students with opportunities for more rigorous coursework and the opportunity to earn college credits prior to high school graduation. These courses mimic college coursework in requirements, workload, and students in AP/PLTW classes develop the high-level and critical thinking skills typically required within the first year of college. Students who take PLTW courses will be prepared for careers and college coursework related to STEM.

    Students who take AP courses have the opportunity to take the AP exam in the spring. Many colleges and universities across the country offer some form of college credit to students who earn a 3, 4 or 5 on the exam. While not all institutions issue college credit for AP courses, colleges and universities like to see such courses on transcripts, as they consider such challenging coursework excellent preparation for college level work. If you are considering a particular college or university and you are wondering if the institution provides credit for passing scores on the AP exam, consult the institution directly for the most accurate and current information.

    Students who elect to take PLTW courses have the opportunity to earn college credit. The number of credits earned and for which course depends entirely upon the institution the student selects to attend. PLTW instructors and the institutions can provide more specific information regarding college credit.

    Are Advanced Placement and/or PLTW Courses for You?
    While AP and PLTW courses have many benefits, and the Wentzville School District offers a large variety of these classes that does not mean that students should attempt to fill their schedules with such classes. It is important to consider the demands on a student’s time (including sports, clubs, volunteer work, jobs) when making the decision regarding enrollment into AP or PLTW classes.

    Before enrolling in an AP class consider the following:

    • Your areas of academic strength
    • Your desired Career Path
    • AP courses may require extra time at school for study sessions and/or tutoring   

     For more information about PLTW programs, please click here: https://www.pltw.org/our-programs