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    PLTW Program

    1st course

    2nd course

    3rd course(s)

    4th course


    practical arts credit

    Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

    Principles of Engineering (POE)

    ·  Aerospace Engineering (AE)

    ·  Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)

    ·  Computer Science Principles

    ·  Digital Electronics (DE)

    ·  Capstone Course – Engineering Design and Development (EDD)

    ·  any of the 3rd courses

    Biomedical Science – science credit

    Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS)

    Human Body Systems (HBS)

    Medical Interventions (MI)

    Capstone Course –

    Biomedical Innovation (BI)

    Computer Science

    practical arts credit

    Computer Science Principles

    * prepares students for AP Computer Science Principles exam

    AP Computer Science A (not part of the PLTW sequence)