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    Currently the Counselor Appointment Link is turned off due to testing. If in crisis- come in asap!! 

    All Juniors will be meeting with counselors on the 17th, 18th and 19th regarding credits and schedules. Please hold all questions until that quick meeting. Thank you.

    Other counseling questions- please email your counselor or pop in during DEN Time.

    Schedules are not released until August. We are not adjusting schedules at this time. Please see info below regarding schedule adjustments in the fall.


    Otherwise, we encourage the use of the appointment link. Once you request an appointment via the Google form your counselor will respond with a calendar invitation. Please keep an eye on your email. That invitation will work as your pass to see your counselor.


    Schedule Questions?

    Please note: As we discussed in our registration visits, we will only be making course corrections/adjustments based on Academic Requirements such as the following:

    -courses on schedule passed during summer school

    -dual enrollment

    -special program enrollment

    -seniors needing a requirement for graduation

    -teacher noted academic placement change 

    Please do not email your counselor for elective changes. 



    Course Correction Guidelines



    Virtual Calming Website School Counselors Are There For You Virtually Also!