• The College and Career Counselor will visit one of your classes in January to discuss college and career planning. 

    See below for a basic junior year timeline:  

    1. Keep working on your GPA. Grades matter.
    2. Make sure you have all of the classes you need to graduate. If you are planning on attending 4-year university, you may need four years of math, Algebra I and higher.  Even if only 3 years are required, taking the 4th year of math will better prepare you for college math.
    3. Take the ACT second semester, if not before. Register here.
    4. Research career interests, colleges, and other post secondary options through Missouri Connections and other sites on the College and Career Website. 
    5. Sign up to visit with college admissions counselors during the Spring. Juniors and Seniors can check out the scheduled visits and sign up for the ones they want to check out by clicking here.  The visits will also be advertised on the jumbotron in the lunchroom, as well as on the bulletin board outside the Counseling Office.
    6. Take summer school if necessary.
    7. If you are completing the A+ Program, start your tutoring hours now. See Mrs. Gerringer if you aren't sure if you are eligible.
    8. Research scholarships.
    9. Consider attending a summer program at an area university.  Click here for opportunities on this site.
    10. Think about who might write a letter of recommendation for you. If you need help writing a resume, here's a sample resume.
    11. Over the summer, plan some college visits. Juniors who are planning on attending SCC when they graduate are allowed to take a practice Math Assessment Test at SCC in order to better prepare for the assessment their senior year.  This is done on a walk-in basis.  Fill out the application and tell the staff that you are taking the test for practice.  It is in Room 133 in the Student Center.  The contact number is 636-922-8629. 

    Helpful websites for test preparation: 

    The Math Forum


    S.O.S Mathematics

    Test Prep Review
    Aplus Math

    Math Online