• National Testing

    The ACT offers six national test dates, on Saturdays, open to all students. The closest test centers are Timberland and Fort Zumwalt West. Visit www.act.org to view test dates, deadlines, fees, and to register. Seniors, many colleges will take your scores throughout your senior year. Include college codes so that scores will be sent directly to the schools you are considering. Juniors considering a 4-year college/university are encouraged to take the ACT no later than Spring of this year.  Many juniors will take a December or February test.  Decisions on when to start testing depend on post-secondary plans.  Visit with your counselor and/or Mrs. Gerringer for more information.  

    The first time you register online for an ACT, you will have to create a user account.  If you previously took the Statewide ACT (as a junior), you can link your new account to this existing test score.  When you are creating the account, indicate that you HAVE taken an ACT test before.  You will be asked to provide your ACT-ID number, which can be found on your ACT Score Report.

    Some schools may require the SAT or a SAT subject test. Check each school's website for requirements. Click here for information on the SAT.  

    Fee Waivers for ACT

    In some cases, families with financial need may qualify for a fee waiver to cover the cost of the standard ACT Test.  Eligibility requirements can be found here.  If you believe you may qualify, please contact your child's counselor. Students who qualify for a fee waiver will have access to ACT's free online Prep program for 180 days ($250 value).

    Accommodations on the ACT

    Students who have formal accommodations plans (IEP, 504) which provide testing accommodations to students on classroom tests MAY be eligible for those same accommodations on the ACT test.  There are eligibility requirements that must be met, and additional paperwork that must be submitted to ACT.  You can read more about accommodations here. If you believe that your child may be eligible for accommodations, please speak to your child's case manager.

    Helpful Links:

    ACT Dates and Deadlines


  • ACT Preparation Resources available at Liberty High School:

    E-learning - Liberty's e-learning lab offers an ACT Prep course. Juniors and Seniors can take this online class for 0.5 credit of elective credits during the school year. Talk to your counselor for more information.

    The Real ACT Prep Book - Copies of "The Real ACT" prep books can be checked out from the college and career center. Come see Mrs. Gerringer.  Supplies are limited; first come-first served.


    Helpful Links to other ACT Prep Resources:  

    1. Learning Express Library: All users need to create a username and password while on WSD grounds in order for it to work offsite.  From Home page, scroll through modules, and choose College Prep Center.
    2. March 2 SuccessSeven full-length practice tests are available as well as flashcards and an interactive action game. This site is run by the US Army. Creating a login and password will NOT allow them to contact you in any way.
    3. Released Test InformationAnother way to prepare for the ACT is to buy released test information from ACT. You may do this for the December, April and June tests. You will receive a list of the questions/your answers/the correct answers in order to help you prepare for future tests. There is a fee for this service; it is an optional fee that you can pay at check-out when registering online for an ACT test.
    4. The ACT websiteACT offers resources for preparation.  ACT offers personalized lessons ranging from $40 to $250 (varies depending on length of subscription and access to a live instructor.
    5. Webster University ACT workshopsClick the link for more information.
    6. Cambridge Test Prep. at St. Charles Community CollegeThe charge is $125 plus books. Available various days fall, spring, summer. 
    7. Chegg.com: Both ACT and SAT test preparation materials.
    8. www.testprepstore.com - Test Prep Store’s website is extremely easy to navigate and parents and/or students are easily able to search different testing materials and private tutors. Once a parent and/or student searches for testing materials for a certain test, they will be able to see detailed comparison tables of the top companies on the market. Additionally, the key comparison pages detail pros and cons to better help the parent and/or student decide on what materials are best for them.

    9. USA Test Prep - comprehensive guide on how to increase SAT or ACT scores from average to exceptional

    Private tutoring may be the answer if you have tried other free ways to prepare and are still needing to raise your score.
    Make an appointment with Mrs. Gerringer to discuss this option.